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    The Health 北京福利彩票官网 Program believes that students are able to thrive and perform at their potential when they are healthy and present. Health 北京福利彩票官网 provides coordinated school-based nursing services to ensure delivery of quality individualized support for students. Student health and wellbeing are enhanced through the development, implementation, and evaluation of health services programs, policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) aligned with School Health Law and best practices.

    The Health 北京福利彩票官网 Program is staffed by Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Nursing services are responsible for development of individualized health management plans for students with health care conditions. School-based nursing services provides health related support for students with documented health conditions. Below are some of these services:


     Students and Partnerships

    • Provide and coordinate vision, hearing, dental, scoliosis and other required screenings for students to including referrals as needed.
    • Ensure immunizations for students are current for school attendance.
    • Provide first-aid, emergency care, and prescribed medical intervention as indicated by physician orders while at school.
    • Promote awareness activities through education and targeted health initiatives

    Parents/Guardians and Community

    • Provide information for preventing common illnesses through health education, guidance to parents, and community resources.
    • Serve as resource and advocate to parents by identifying and seeking to eliminate health /safety hazards within the school.
    • Assist parents with administration of prescribed medical treatment based on medical need with current physician order.

    Student Health 北京福利彩票官网 and Academic Success

    Research studies have demonstrated a positive relationship with Comprehensive School Nursing 北京福利彩票官网 on students’ academic success. School Nurses:

    • Address medical needs for students in a school setting.
    • Increase students’ academic achievement grades, by managing health conditions.
    • Decrease absences by managing health conditions.
    • Identify and address health-related barriers to learning.
    • Implement guidelines for school health and nursing services.



    For more information contact : 


    Valencia Beckley Hildreth, PhD, RNApple

    Comprehensive Health 北京福利彩票官网 Manager

    130 Trinity Avenue, SW

    Atlanta, GA 30303



Last Modified on March 18, 2019